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Successful 2nd conference of the RCYL!

Posted by rkjv - Juli 31, 2011

[Report on the 2nd Conference of the Revolutionary-Communist Youth League, held on a Weekend in June 2011] We are pleased to announce, that in the last month the countrywide conference from the revolutionary-communist youth club was held. It was introduced by greeting messages from various organisations as well as letters from sympathisants, where we want to mention the messages from Crvena Akcija (Red Action, Croatia), the Communist Party Greece (marxist-leninist) [KKE(m-l)] as well the Democratic Youth Movement in Europe (ADGH), as they deal with important parts and goals of our work in their main focuses.´

 The croatian comrades focus in their greeting message mainly on the question of union and cooperation between communinsts from imperialistic countries and them from dependent countries – an important point which is essential for our international work and intends regarding main focuses. Afterwards, the message from greece comrades from KKE(m-l) was read. With them, we keep a good relationship and continually spread international declarations together (as lastly for WEF-summit in Vienna). Their message was marked with the question of the role of communists within social and economic struggles, the question how a revolutionary guidance in this struggles can be achieved and which tasks will emerge for an avantgarde organisation. So much this questions just arrived selective for us in our practice, so much we know about their importance, not only in the few struggles that exist today, but also in class struggles in future and the orientation we pursue. Also, the ADGH sent a message to our conference. As readers who know our formation will have noticed, we keep a close relationship with this organisation, mainly the past nine months, with the declared objective of union.

Accordingly, the greeting message from the ADGH was about the union of maoist forces, a subject which gains significance more and more in our work, and is an important base-question in progress of the revolutionary process. Also we were well-pleased by other messages to our second conference, particularly the ones from sympathisants, from who we could learn a lot and will, of course, be part of upcoming discussions in our formation.

Subsumption of progresses.

As a special progress in the past year, the conference named in particular the practical appearance, the manifold interventions in demonstrations, as well the increased self-initiated actions. A major part of the objectives for past year, was successfully implemented. Our publications developed very strong, both in qualitative as well as quantitative manner. This good development also caused a growth of members, which confirms us in manifold ways and also gives us more possibilities for a stronger interference in class conflicts as well the practical expansion of some fields of work. The conference also confirmed the principial evaluation which was met in the past year, the

necessity for a stronger orientation to labour struggles and the operational part – where, of course, the labourer youth forms the center of our interests, which we see in the programmatic works we could finish since our last conference. Another important point in which important progresses were achieved, is the international cooperation and networking, which not only is about international contacts (where some new came along), but also the good development of practical internationalistic works in the „own“ country (e.g. our successful campaign to India), even though – according to our possibilities – it is still weak and we cannot throughout provide the resources to do all the important things.

Problems and difficulties

However, besides the progresses, our practice shows us some things we have to change in our work. The problems and difficulties we were confronted with, will get more space here since we think it is not only important for us, but also others can learn from them. We recognized, for example, that our focus on operational conflicts and labour struggles has to be discussed and tightened inwards, than that it only was done over a specific period, but that it was not possible to pass it consequently on outside, goes along with the fact, that our work to this topic was internally handled inadequately.

In this context we have to notice, that the raising of the political consciosness of our members admittedly made progresses, but not as far as we hoped at our first conference, where this question also was handled. Practice is an elemental key for the insight, which answers can be given to this problem, but practice is not, and never will be, the only answer to this question. Experiences only can be appropriable revolutionary, and further on be applied on mass line, if we convert them into theory and derivate a synthesis. This element of revolutionary, communistic orientation we have to include in our political stucturing intensified. Accordingly, we want to dedicate more attention to internal ideological debates and investigations, thus we can go deciding steps on our further way. It is very pleasant that we could make new contacts in federal states, where we don’t have structures yet, but this fact also puts us in front of new challenges and tasks, which we were not yet confronted with (even if we already responded to some important points to this topic in january 2011 [„No dithering and hesitance! Evolve and forward with the revolutionary line in organisation construction!“]). An important part of organizational debates was – not at last because of this – about perspectives and possibilities of a further countrywide construction and accordingly internal and external forms of organization.

Perspectives and starting points

Together with a stronger orientation on ideological debates and investigations, we will have to behave more than a collective in practice – internally and externally. This is, to mentioned points, no insurmountable contradiction, but forms a unity with them. Understanding this forms an important base to bias towards building up „middle cadres“, which will become a large-scaled task for a revolutionary organisation under working conditions like in austria and will be decisive for how it will be possible to intervent in class struggles. Not at last because we have decided to introduce us more into fields of political work wich we have regarded less, this task is even more urgent. But we won’t accomplish this through „our will“ or „our practice“, for this we need the experiences of the international communistic movement, without it we won’t be able to make progress at this stage of class struggle. The way we started past year for the fight for a unity of maoists in austria – so far in particular (but not only) with the ADGH – must, after our measurement, be carried on, deepened and achieved successes tightened. Only this way it can get enhanced to a higher level. We do not see this unity as a tactical question, reduced to more or less close alliances, but as a strategical destiny for communistic forces. In front of the background of achieved successes, in the awareness of committed mistakes and the way of their removal, towards the tasks of ideological and practical consolidation of our formation, the conference has advanced the watchword: „Forward in the unity of maoist forces in Austria and international! Youth is future – the future is in our hands!“

All forces for further construction of RKJV!

For communism!


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