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No to the amendment of law of ethnic groups! Fight for rights of minorities!

Posted by rkjv - Juli 31, 2011

[Translation of a leaftlet that was spreaded by our Organisation in June 2011] The „endless story“ about „local sign conflict“ would be over, you hear from bourgeois media – with a clear view that one could be glad to lay down this „so much tiresome“ subject to the files. They have become „tired of conflict“, everything is dealt with perfectly, a consensus was reached… But whose consensus, we aks us, was reached there? To whose favor is this „compromise“? And: are in fact local sings the core of the question?

The anger of lots of base memebers of ethnic group clubs is more than warranted, since fact is that more than only questions about local signs is part of this. It is about structural repression of whohle ehtnic groups, whose culture and interests were stampered beneath the german-austrian „ruling-culture“ and furthermore will be. That this complex arrives as „local signs“ in publicity, is no coincidence but deliberate acting to blur the actual question: the question of rights of ethnic groups.

With endless reports about local signs, over the whole year, weariness is stirrend and acted like tens of thousands people are just interested in this local signs. The possibility, that there could be more behind this complex, mostly becomes uninteresting then. Through the critical development of the whole thematic to this one question, public debates about handling with, e.g. slovenian culture, are prevented and eases the burgeoise polity force to set on the assimilation of ethnic groups, continue to tinker on circumstances that admit nothing else than the stepwise self-abandonment.

Of course, local signs are one concrete question, a question which was answered with a „percentual mark“ of 17.5% from federal government, through all burgeoise parties and unfortunately also through parts of official „representatives“ of the ethnic groups. So the appropriate minority has to be large enough, to get to the pleasure of mauled, underdone, inconsequente democratic rights. But if a minority, on-site, is a too very minority, under 17.5%, it can go ahead with the according democratic rights – at least concerning local  signs and at least concerning the opinion of burgeois polity. Yes, the burgeois politcs was it and is it, and not primary about the Carinthia Homeland Service ([KHD] even being so ultra-reactionistic), who admits with it’s new „compromise“ two-language local signs, where minorities existance cannot be denied. It is the same politcs in which article 7 is embedded into treaty – a text passage supposed to protect ethnic groups rights. That the positive reference to this „Article 7“ can lead to proper backfiring, shows us not only the experience in the struggle of the rights of national minorities. In obscurity and room for interpretation, this article is barley to surpass (apart from it only names a few minorities at all), allowing the sovereigns to use tactics and jerk us around. (…) So the positive reference to the legal construction of burgeois polity, it’s constitutional articles, is in fact as wrong as referencing to single polity carrying parties, who maybe now are capable being against amendment of law of ethnic groups verbally (like Green party) but will never step over the close, from capitalism set borders. The announced „public letter opinon poll“ by Dörfler (Freedom Party in Carinthia – FPK) and others, is in front of this background another exceeding cynic provocation and aims to split up and incite masses more and more.

Besides deterioration in question of place name signs, with the amendment of law of ethnic group rights, further negative developments emerge. The right of practising the own language in authorties for example, undergoes massive reductions and it is to be seriously afraid of the anyway yet dire situation will even worsen. The option for town halls to delegate the possibility of language practising to district commission, thus restrict this right locally, promise nothing good and it is without doubt that town halls will make use of this. Further restrictions from remaining rights, e.g. practising own language (e.g. local signs) to tight defined, immediate „autochthonous areas of settlement“, means nothing other than the furthest possible localisation from conceded rights. It consciosly thwarts an expansion and development of the respective ethnic groups about the „conceded space“, where we would be at the process of enforced assimiliation again.

Heroes of resistance: A carinthian-slovenian Partisan with his machine gun.

Even back in the Habsburg monarchy, Austria represented an oppressing nation. With the border drawings after first world war, the former empire was justifiably clipped to its todays size, but relatives of peoples which were oppressed in Habsburg monarchy still lived in that area and were refused basic democratic rights. So, unfortunately, the austrian chauvinism didn’t break down together with the monarchy, but consists in a very strong and agile shape. The developments until 1945 tightened it and even today, a not unessential part of austrian society defines itself about the „decent“ who „did their duty“ and, for example, fighted against the Tito-partisans. Ethic groups weren’t adjudicated full national rights, and for sure not that for self determination. In opposite, the austrian sovereigns reinforced the pressure of violent assimilation and threatened the national minority continously in their existence. Sustained was – and is – the austrian chauvinism towards the Balkan and eastern europe as well towards the national minorities through all burgeoise camps, and not at last, above all through the „established“ state parties as SPÖ (Socialdemocrats) and ÖVP (Conservatives). The austrian chauvinism serves as important ideological weapon of the capital, not only in the national repression within the border, but the more and more aggressive and overt plundering of masses in the Balkan and eastern europe. In this respect it is a speciality of the austrian capital, as in this region barely are any countries left which aren’t ordained by the austrian imperialism, where not the austrian state and austrian companies tell the way to go. So the chauvinism here has not only a strong historic tradition, but an exceeding tight current position. It is, not lastly, stirred and advanced by the capital, because it needs it to implement the ideological expansions and exploits for the austrian sovereigns, to split up the masses and to achieve the antidemocratic tendencies, which inevitable reside in the imperialism.

We fight for full democratic, national rights for ethic groups in austria and it is obvious for us, that this struggle has to be leaded by immediate, concrete demands, up to the right of

The Partisan leader Karel Prusnik

self-determination, the basic right of detachment from the austrian state. Otherwise it wont be possible to establish extensive, successful fights. This fight is for sure not a problem of „minorities“, not a „problem of slovenians, croates, hungarians, …“, but it is a question of people itself, of the german-speaking parts as well the minorities. To blur this fact is an evidence of the ingrained chauvinism, which always tends to splitting of masses, and every single tendence has to be encountered seriosly if clarification in this stage of class struggle shall be achieved. As revolutionary communists we won´t appell to governments or other representatives of the burgeois state which continously originate national repression, but point our demands to the movement itself, to the masses, and submit it as a proposal for a orientation in the struggle. It has to be broken with the illusions into the burgeois state, as well as the detachment of the question of rights of minorities can not further be split from the question of class struggle in general, as of much too principal things it is about than we could afford to seperate our forces and instead of one big struggle to lead many isolated and weak struggles!

* For the right of relatives of minorities to consort in native language in all bureaus, authorities and courts as well in military/alternative service, in the mixed language areas directly, otherwhere via interpreters!

* Right for relatives of minorities in mixed language areas for bilingual education in all parts; right for all minorityrelatives in austria to get instructions in their native language; engaged instructions for children and teenagers in mixed-language areas in the language of minorities!

* Full state-run funding of activities and organisations from minorities themselves, who care and advance their cultural life!

* Bililngual topographic signs as well as bilingual public announcements, notations and signs, everywhere where relatives of minorities live!

No to the amendment of law of ethnic groups!

Death to austrian chauvinism and imperialism! Fight for Communism!


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